Bulldog and Its Characteristics

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Bulldog and Its Characteristics

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Bulldog is an amazing and beautiful dog but as compare to other dogs; considerably lazy in their approach but this seems to be their skill and these dogs were quite amazingly built at the early time and they are completely different now. Now the bull dog is a charming dog who likes to play and love the kids and exquisite as a pet because of its entertaining and man-friendly nature. Some the characteristics and history of this famous dog breed are discussed below.

History of the Bulldog:

The history of the Bulldog was quite amazing as these dogs are involved in a so-called sport known as bull baiting in which the dog grabs the bull’s nose and then shake it roughly. Many people consider the bull was baiting just a sport, but it had a purpose; bull baiting was done to tenderize the flesh of the cow before it was slaughtered. As this dog was ultimately originated in England and there was an unyielding belief in many areas that there was a proper law through which the bulls must be baited before the slaughter. It was also a very popular sport at that time when there was no T.V, cinema, computers and any real games. And peoples seem to be enjoying it very much when the bull toss the dog up in the air with its horn and in reply the dog try to latch on to the ball and try to pin him on the ground. Which appears to be very adventurous for the spectator, and they take a lot of interest in this sport.

Some of the Characteristics of the Bulldog:

The bulldog has various features which differentiate him from the other dog breeds. Some of them are mentioned below.

Laziness and Exercise:

 the bulldog is pretty lazy as compared to other dogs and don’t take any great interest in co-curricular activities. They mostly like to stay in the home and just eat and sleep, but the bulldog should be made to exercise regularly to make him fit and running.

Very Sensitive of the Warm and Cold:

Bull dog cannot tolerate the heat and humidity much so if you are taking the bulldog outside then watch him carefully and if any signs appear of overheating then immediately take him inside. And it is a good idea to make a pool for them to relax in the water when the weather is warm but make sure that you do this only in warm weather because the Bulldogs also not like to make themselves cold and are also very sensitive to cold weather.

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