Boxer A Great Puppy

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Boxer A Great Puppy

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There are numerous dog breeds available, and various are quite capable of being used as a pet. Every dog has its characteristics and qualities which differentiate them from other dogs. Every dog has its skills and talents like some of the dogs are quite easily adaptable and have very friendly and playful nature, on the other hand, some of the dog breeds do not like to live with the man and can be very destructive. Boxer is one of those who are naturally charming and have a playful and human-friendly nature and equally kind to the kids. Some of the features of the boxer dog are discussed below.

 Origin and Specification of the Boxer:

The boxer is medium sized, and short-haired breed of dog originated and developed German and also German boxer and DEUTSCHER boxer. The Weight of the boxer ranges form 25-32kg for male and is same in female also. The height is approximately 57-63 cm for male and 53-60 for female which shows that there is no essential difference in the physique of a male and female boxer which is relatively rare in dogs. Their coat is smooth and is very tight fitting, and boxers are found in various colors. Boxer has a life span of around 10 to 12 years depending upon the health and care of the puppy.

Adaptability and Skills:

Boxers are quite a friendly breed and adapt quite quickly to the family and become a part of the family in a very short period. Fighters can become great family dogs, but they require a special and hard training and exercise to make them fit and not to make him cause any destruction. Young age boxers are very animated and a dog who loves to play and romp and jump here and there, so it is quite important that you give a proper scheduled exercise to the boxer to make him happy and fit.

Training Of the Boxer:

As the training of the dog goes; it is imperative that you train him when he is child because big fighters are not easy to train as compared to the young and youth boxers. Training is very critical because if the boxer is not trained properly, he can be impossible to handle. Boxers are brilliant and respond pretty quickly especially to fun training but also they don’t like to be bossed everywhere or treated harshly. Boxers are very lovely and independent dogs.

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