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dog boarding

Why prefer Home to Home Dog Care?

Category : Puppy

Home to home dog care is probably the best thing that could happen to your dog when you are away. There’s many reasons why one should consider and even prefer home to home dog care over other options. When you travel for work or some other important purpose, one of the things you get worried about is your dog. You mostly cannot take the dog with you and also cannot imagine leaving it on its own. Traditionally dog kennels has been an option. Barking Mad dog sitters is the best service you can choose in UK. However, for pets brought up in your home on your bed and couch, kennels simply do not serve the purpose and end up dampening dog’s good health and dog’s lose their happy face. Similarly, as time evolved other options started to come up however, an option that appears to be shockingly good for dogs when you are away is of home to home dog care. Many professional companies have started to provide that service in which when you are away your dog is kept in an environment similar to your own home and professional care takers feed the dog, play with the dog and take care of it so that it never feels alone or away from you. Some of the reasons why home to home dog care should be preferred are explained below:

A better Alternative to Kennelshome from home dog sitting service

First of all, undubitably, home to home dog care is a way better alternative to kennels. It is because a) in Kennels, dogs do not get the feeling of their actual homes and that makes them sick, b) in home to home dog care, dogs are given proper care, food and love which keeps them happy and healthy and active just as you keep them, c) dogs are not alone in home to home dog care unlike in kennels. Due to these and many other reasons, kennels does not remain a suitable option for your dogs. But the home to home dog care becomes the optimal choice.

Good for Dog’s Health and Happiness

Similarly, as hinted above, home to home dog care is not only about the same environment, but also about the same love and care and that is what a dog needs to stay healthy and happy. Pets lose their health and get depressed if they experience sudden changes in surroundings and even in their food and other activities. Therefore, home to home dog care makes it possible to stick to your dog’s way of living to keep it healthy.

Better Care Takers around

Finally, the one thing you need in your absence is some professional and loving person to take care of your dog. Our company has some of the best and most preferred dog care takers around. From experience, we can tell that home to home dog care provides such good care to your dogs that no other option can provide. Therefore, without making any more wrong choices for your dog, whenever you decide to go away, make the smart choice and leave your dog with home to home dog care.

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Pet surgeon

Contact a Veterinary Surgeon to keep your Pets in Good Health

Category : Puppy

A veterinary or a vet is basically animal’s doctor. They specialize in animal healthcare. Just like human doctors, there are vets who specialize in particular matters too. Veterinary surgeon |  is a great team of pet surgeons who performs surgery on animals when other solutions are not quite as useful. Pets are not animals anymore; people treat them like their children. They like to take good care of them, play with them, eat with them, and hang out with them. They make them happy and they enjoy their pet’s company and the pet enjoys their company. Therefore, it is important for such people to take regular and excellent care of their pets. Getting a regular check up by a trained vet is important and in case there is a severe case where a surgery is required contacting the veterinary surgeon as soon as possible and getting the problem remedied is always the preferred option.

There are many veterinary surgeons around now and this profession is increasingly becoming popular as people’s love for their pets is increasing. People now do not like to throw away their pets or let them die. They understand and want their pets to stay alive and be their friends for as long as possible. They cannot see their pets in misery. Therefore, a profession as difficult and historically rare as veterinary surgeon has now become very popular.

But what is important here is the fact that people should get their pets checked up by vets regularly, so that just like humans whenever a problem is there, it gets detected early on and gets proper treatment too. This is why you should have a proper vet’s contact information always with you. Also, whenever needed, contact a veterinary surgeon to keep your pets in good health.

There are basically three different types of veterinary surgeries that could be performed on animals. First is, orthopaedics which is related to bones and muscles and joints of the pets. Similarly, the second type is soft tissues which relates to animal’s skin, body cavaties and other matters which involve dealing with soft tissues. Third and the most important type is neurosurgery. These types are just as they are with humans, however, they overall working and system changes quite a bit because of the body structures and other important matters. Therefore, it is very vital that a properly trained veterinary surgeon is contacted in need of an animal surgery so that the animal’s health could be kept safe and sound.pets-welcome-at-craven-house-luxury-serviced-apartments-london

Finding a veterinary surgeon is not difficult anymore. 24/7 service proving surgeons are also available. Therefore, if you are in need of a veterinary surgeon, you are at the right place. This is where you contact the surgeon and get an appointment for your pet’s treatment and if the Vet suggests a surgery then you can easily go through the surgery process too. Utilize this opportunity and whether it is treatment that you seek, or just some consultancy, this is where you can find top veterinary surgeons of the country.

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Career in Dog Sitting

Category : Carrer


Dog industry is expanding at a rapid rate because of the love for the pets which are increasing day by day and due to this love, more and more peoples are entering in this field. In dog industry; the most popular area is dog sitting. Dog sitting is the hot favorite amongst the citizens who want to do business in dog industry because of many facts. Some of the main reasons due to which most people are opting for this field are discussed below.

Earn Money For Caring The Dogs:

Just imagine you will get paid for playing with the dogs and taking care of them. This job appears to be very attractive and invites a lot of people to invest in this field. Every person love the dogs, and most of them are fond of playing and caring the dogs, so this attracts more people to start doing dog sitting because of the nature and scope of it. There is no better duty than the one who matches your hobbies and interests. So in this regard dog sitting appears to be the very attractive job for many peoples.

Career as a Pet Sitter:

There are few careers which only ensure the benefits with minimal investment as dog sitting business do. Any pet sitter is hired to take care of the pet and especially dogs in the absence of their owner. Dog sitter caring for the pet in the pet’s house which provides the peace of mind to both the owner and the dog also because the dog is fond of living in his house and playing in its playing area, so the dog feels more comfortable in residing in the home instead of any boarding site. Moreover, the owner also feels relaxed about the dog and the house also which is in safe hands in their absence. Dog sitting is not a terrible job at all, and it also ensures a fair amount of price as well with minimal investment and not real hardworking.

Some Benefits of Dog Sitting Business:

The major advantage of starting a dog sitting business is that you will not be bound, and you will enjoy the freedom of being your boss. You can also make the time which best suits you either you can work full time or part time, and you can also specialize in various pets or any single pet as you want. These are few reasons which attract a huge amount of people nowadays to start a pet sitting business.

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Bulldog and Its Characteristics

Category : Bulldog

Bulldog is an amazing and beautiful dog but as compare to other dogs; considerably lazy in their approach but this seems to be their skill and these dogs were quite amazingly built at the early time and they are completely different now. Now the bull dog is a charming dog who likes to play and love the kids and exquisite as a pet because of its entertaining and man-friendly nature. Some the characteristics and history of this famous dog breed are discussed below.

History of the Bulldog:

The history of the Bulldog was quite amazing as these dogs are involved in a so-called sport known as bull baiting in which the dog grabs the bull’s nose and then shake it roughly. Many people consider the bull was baiting just a sport, but it had a purpose; bull baiting was done to tenderize the flesh of the cow before it was slaughtered. As this dog was ultimately originated in England and there was an unyielding belief in many areas that there was a proper law through which the bulls must be baited before the slaughter. It was also a very popular sport at that time when there was no T.V, cinema, computers and any real games. And peoples seem to be enjoying it very much when the bull toss the dog up in the air with its horn and in reply the dog try to latch on to the ball and try to pin him on the ground. Which appears to be very adventurous for the spectator, and they take a lot of interest in this sport.

Some of the Characteristics of the Bulldog:

The bulldog has various features which differentiate him from the other dog breeds. Some of them are mentioned below.

Laziness and Exercise:

 the bulldog is pretty lazy as compared to other dogs and don’t take any great interest in co-curricular activities. They mostly like to stay in the home and just eat and sleep, but the bulldog should be made to exercise regularly to make him fit and running.

Very Sensitive of the Warm and Cold:

Bull dog cannot tolerate the heat and humidity much so if you are taking the bulldog outside then watch him carefully and if any signs appear of overheating then immediately take him inside. And it is a good idea to make a pool for them to relax in the water when the weather is warm but make sure that you do this only in warm weather because the Bulldogs also not like to make themselves cold and are also very sensitive to cold weather.

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Boxer A Great Puppy

Category : Puppy

There are numerous dog breeds available, and various are quite capable of being used as a pet. Every dog has its characteristics and qualities which differentiate them from other dogs. Every dog has its skills and talents like some of the dogs are quite easily adaptable and have very friendly and playful nature, on the other hand, some of the dog breeds do not like to live with the man and can be very destructive. Boxer is one of those who are naturally charming and have a playful and human-friendly nature and equally kind to the kids. Some of the features of the boxer dog are discussed below.

 Origin and Specification of the Boxer:

The boxer is medium sized, and short-haired breed of dog originated and developed German and also German boxer and DEUTSCHER boxer. The Weight of the boxer ranges form 25-32kg for male and is same in female also. The height is approximately 57-63 cm for male and 53-60 for female which shows that there is no essential difference in the physique of a male and female boxer which is relatively rare in dogs. Their coat is smooth and is very tight fitting, and boxers are found in various colors. Boxer has a life span of around 10 to 12 years depending upon the health and care of the puppy.

Adaptability and Skills:

Boxers are quite a friendly breed and adapt quite quickly to the family and become a part of the family in a very short period. Fighters can become great family dogs, but they require a special and hard training and exercise to make them fit and not to make him cause any destruction. Young age boxers are very animated and a dog who loves to play and romp and jump here and there, so it is quite important that you give a proper scheduled exercise to the boxer to make him happy and fit.

Training Of the Boxer:

As the training of the dog goes; it is imperative that you train him when he is child because big fighters are not easy to train as compared to the young and youth boxers. Training is very critical because if the boxer is not trained properly, he can be impossible to handle. Boxers are brilliant and respond pretty quickly especially to fun training but also they don’t like to be bossed everywhere or treated harshly. Boxers are very lovely and independent dogs.